Welcome to Redefined!
Redefined: Blackrock's Favorite Son

Mission Statement:
Construct a small, social network of players who enjoy high-caliber casual raiding.

Raiding Schedule
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 5:45pm PST to 11:00pm PST.
Subject to change; all raids are posted on the in-game raid calendar.

Guild Leadership
Guild Master: Carringtaun
Officers: Hartge, Bonezism

Raiding Accomplishments
Naxx-10: Cleared! Notes: Undying, Dedicated Few
VoA-10: Cleared! Notes: 2/2
OS-10: Cleared! Notes: Less is More, Twilight Assist
EoE-10: Cleared!
Ulduar-10: 12/13

Raiding Roster
Bonezism: Frost Deathknight
Carringtaun: Restoration Shaman
Hartge: Assassination Rogue
Hondaparts: Survival Hunter
Kataline: Survival Hunter
Mollie: Fury Warrior
Proteus: Holy Paladin
Twilightfang: Enhancement Shaman
Vladario: Protection Paladin
Yoriko: Holy Priest

Ventrilo Information
Server: sand.pure-voice.net
Port: 3502
Note: Guild Ventrilo is highly moderated, and is for guild use only!

Guild Region/Nationality Information
While Redefined is made of predominantly US (west) players, Australian and Canadian players also find a home in Redefined. Redefined is an equal opportunity, discrimination-free raiding environment.
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